Thursday, November 12, 2009

Name change

Well today was a good day after waiting six weeks we found out that the courts accepted the name change. Now it has to be posted in the local paper for three consecutive weeks and once that is done the name change will be finalized I am so happy we will all have the same last name now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

nursery pictures

Here are a few pictures of our nursery. We already have all the drawers full of onesies, sleepers and sheets. On the 30th of October I was able to feel the baby kick it was so cool C said that was the hardest it had ever kicked so I think it wanted me to know it was listening. I hate saying "it" but what else do I use? Last week was a very bad week for C we ended up in the Emergent Care clinic on Sunday with here back killing her she thought she must of over did some yard work on Saturday. The Doctor gave her muscle relaxers and sent her on the way. The next morning she still was in pain she even called into work and if you know C you would know that it must be bad because she never calls into work. She was in tears and throwing up everything nothing would stay down. Thursday I think she had enough and ended up going to the OB Dr. Friday. Well to make a long story short she passed a kidney stone. She said it was like night and day the way she felt. The OB put her on a anti-b and at dinner I noticed her face was turning red she was allergic to the anti-b so she called the Dr and they said to stop taking it and she didn't need any because the test they took showed no infection. That was good news we both hate her having to take pills with the little baby bumpkin in the oven but she was in so much pain what do you do? So C was wondering has anyone passed a kidney stone and had natural child birth? Which one is worse?