Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yesterday after getting off early and feeling like a queen sitting at home drinking my coffee and eating a bag of tear 'n share M&Ms blogging about how things are going and how life was so simple I herd a knock at the door it was our babysitter that we found that lived two blocks from us. My first thought was she was seeing how things were going but no she was letting us know that one of the other mothers that she was sitting for was expecting and she was having twins. She said that she felt horrible but there was no way she could watch all of those kids. She gave us a few numbers of some other daycare providers. So a long story short I guess we got the cut. I knew C would be crushed I hated to have to tell her but what else would I do. So she came in and I had her dinner ready and had the hot foot spa ready. I let her soak her feet and eat before I gave her the news. She was so upset I hate to see her sad I assured her everything would be okay and that we still have 2 more months until we needed a sitter anyway. So this morning I called one of the ladies and she sounds very nice. She lives close but not as close as our other sitter was she was so close I was planning on walking our little one down there everyday and visiting on our lunch break but this one is still close and its on the way to Cs work. We plan on visiting her tomorrow and we will see how things feel then and try to make a decision. It is so hard knowing you will have to leave your baby with a complete stranger.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Dr. appiontment

So far so good. C went to the Doctors office yesterday and she is 75% effaced and 1cm dilated and the doctor said the babies head is way down. The way things are moving along I don't know if she will last until the 11th. The week before see was 50-75% effaced and no dilation. Ever time the phone rings I start to panic a little wondering if this is the time. I hope for my works sake that the baby will hold out just a little longer. For C sake I hope it comes a little early. She is starting to get really tired and she is having to monitor her blood pressure because it has been getting a little high but they said they weren't worried about it because there was no protein in her urine and she has had no swelling but other than that she has been doing awesome and she looks so cute pregnant. Like I said before she has only gained about 18 pounds and I have gained 25. I hope once the weather starts to warm up I will get my butt back to working out. It will be so nice when we can get out and run or walk with our little one. Maybe the next post will be photos of bumpkin. I cant wait to find out if its a boy or girl! We will keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just for fun

Well we have been getting more snow than we usually do. So instead of sitting inside and doing nothing I decided to get out and make C and I as snow people. I'm not sure if you can tell or not but C's has a prego belly.

Our social worker came by on Saturday and everything went very well. They asked us a million question. I wasn't expecting them to go into that much detail but the lady was very nice and I am happy we found this lawyer.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The longest nine months of my life

I think we are finally ready. C had a work baby shower last Friday and we got more goodies. The next day my mom and step dad went with us to pick up a mattress, changing pad mattress and a few little odds and ends. We only had to spend ten dollars which is nice since we had to pay our lawyer off for the adoption this week. I still cant believe how generous everyone is. We got everything we wanted. How rotten are we! We did have some of the big stuff already furniture, bedding, pack-n-play, bouncy, highchair, and swing but as you know there is a lot of stuff out there. We got our chicco travel system, Evenflo car seat 0-100 lbs, jeep walker, 2 diaper bags, a couple outfits (if you don't know what you are having no one buys clothes), lots of diapers and wipes, wooden gate, baby bath, towels and rags, home made blankets, lamb blankets, books, hygiene stuff, a few toys, and gift cards to the coolest baby store around Happybottomus ( I plan on getting a carrier from there).

Tomorrow the social worker comes out to our place for our first home study. I'm not nervous because our lawyer is pretty confident and the baby is our baby no matter what the have to say. I hope the judge sees it that way too. He will make things easier for our baby if he just goes along with it. If not oh well the baby is still ours ha ha suckers!

We had our last birthing class last night and we got to take a tour of the hospital. I am ready and I think C is too. She cant eat anything without getting heartburn and I guess it must be really bad because she is having to eat everything plain. She was worried about gaining wait when she was pregnant now she is worried about gaining weight after the baby is here because she hasn't had any good food in 9 months and she is ready for something spicy and gooood. She is still throwing up every once in a while and is still having some kidney trouble. I cant wait to have my old C back.