Friday, February 5, 2010

The longest nine months of my life

I think we are finally ready. C had a work baby shower last Friday and we got more goodies. The next day my mom and step dad went with us to pick up a mattress, changing pad mattress and a few little odds and ends. We only had to spend ten dollars which is nice since we had to pay our lawyer off for the adoption this week. I still cant believe how generous everyone is. We got everything we wanted. How rotten are we! We did have some of the big stuff already furniture, bedding, pack-n-play, bouncy, highchair, and swing but as you know there is a lot of stuff out there. We got our chicco travel system, Evenflo car seat 0-100 lbs, jeep walker, 2 diaper bags, a couple outfits (if you don't know what you are having no one buys clothes), lots of diapers and wipes, wooden gate, baby bath, towels and rags, home made blankets, lamb blankets, books, hygiene stuff, a few toys, and gift cards to the coolest baby store around Happybottomus ( I plan on getting a carrier from there).

Tomorrow the social worker comes out to our place for our first home study. I'm not nervous because our lawyer is pretty confident and the baby is our baby no matter what the have to say. I hope the judge sees it that way too. He will make things easier for our baby if he just goes along with it. If not oh well the baby is still ours ha ha suckers!

We had our last birthing class last night and we got to take a tour of the hospital. I am ready and I think C is too. She cant eat anything without getting heartburn and I guess it must be really bad because she is having to eat everything plain. She was worried about gaining wait when she was pregnant now she is worried about gaining weight after the baby is here because she hasn't had any good food in 9 months and she is ready for something spicy and gooood. She is still throwing up every once in a while and is still having some kidney trouble. I cant wait to have my old C back.


  1. we are getting close!!! I have such a horrible cold,, hurts sooo much to cough too!!!

  2. What lawyer are you using? Sandy? We meet with our lawyer tomorrow!

  3. Yes Sandy. Are you two using him as well?