Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yesterday after getting off early and feeling like a queen sitting at home drinking my coffee and eating a bag of tear 'n share M&Ms blogging about how things are going and how life was so simple I herd a knock at the door it was our babysitter that we found that lived two blocks from us. My first thought was she was seeing how things were going but no she was letting us know that one of the other mothers that she was sitting for was expecting and she was having twins. She said that she felt horrible but there was no way she could watch all of those kids. She gave us a few numbers of some other daycare providers. So a long story short I guess we got the cut. I knew C would be crushed I hated to have to tell her but what else would I do. So she came in and I had her dinner ready and had the hot foot spa ready. I let her soak her feet and eat before I gave her the news. She was so upset I hate to see her sad I assured her everything would be okay and that we still have 2 more months until we needed a sitter anyway. So this morning I called one of the ladies and she sounds very nice. She lives close but not as close as our other sitter was she was so close I was planning on walking our little one down there everyday and visiting on our lunch break but this one is still close and its on the way to Cs work. We plan on visiting her tomorrow and we will see how things feel then and try to make a decision. It is so hard knowing you will have to leave your baby with a complete stranger.

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  1. I hope you find someone. Thanks for the store tip... Not on that side of the city often so we might have to check that out! I need to shoot you an email since we are near by. Do you belong to MAFA?