Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Doctor told C that she is a loose 3 and 40-60% effaced and they stripped her membrane. Maybe this will get things moving. Every night for the past three night I say to C this is the night I feel it and nothing.

C called just know while I was blogging and said that she is having the braxton hicks contractions more often but still no pain. I hope this is a sign. I feel like tonight is the night.


  1. Yay, it's almost time to meet your child!

  2. I am right behind u guys I think. It's 3 am onthe 11th and I've been contracting since 4 am last night. They weredull menstrual like and came 8-10 min apart. Now they are lots of pelvic pressure around 5 minutes apart. When I saw doc yesterday iwas only a 1 30 percent effeced. So im hoping these latest ones help me open up more so we don't have to induce tomorrow night.

    Keep us posted and I'll do the same :)