Sunday, September 18, 2011


I think I may be developing a bit of a jealous streak. Make no mistake, I am sincerely happy for those of you in the blog world and my friends and acquaintances who are TTC #2 or #3. Yet every time I see a baby bump or hear a newborn cry, I yearn for it to be mine.

Financially, I just don't think we can make it work. I have crunched the numbers. The increase in health insurance and daycare alone would exceed the excess cash flow we currently have. We can make some changes. V has asked for a raise. We might make this work. But I am just not certain. I will be spending the next few months trying to figure it out, and at the same time I am going to start tracking ovulation. I hope it's not all for lost cause.

In the meantime I hope I can control the green eyed monster who keeps getting a hold of me.

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