Friday, July 3, 2009

Here we go!

We got our first BFP on Wednesday July the 1st. Completely unexpected. We tested on Sunday the first time with a BFN and accepted it. Then V started manipulating the numbers and found that we tested waaaay to early. We knew that our 2 weeks wasn't up, but our test said we could try 2 days before my next period with 90% accuracy. But again our numbers were all off so there we were with a BFN. Move forward to Wednesday. I walk in the door on lunch break and V is waiting with a test in hand and I took it first thing. To our surprise is was positive. So now our lives are going to change forever. We do remain cautious in our enthusiasm. We know that the MC statistics aren't friendly. I don't really have many symptoms. I am sleepy in the evening. To the point where I could nap. I hate naps! I think I have less of an appetite, but I think that could be the nervous/excitement feelings I have about this. We found out a few weeks ago that my SIL is pregnant and due in January. We are due the second week of March so we will have them close together. This is my brother and SIL who just had a baby ( my 1st nephew) last August. Yes. Two babies in a year and a half. And she was told she couldn't conceive because of her polycistic(sp?) ovaries. We are very excited for them and excited that our baby will have cousins so close in age.

So. Here we go!


  1. Congrats ladies! Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. :)

  2. well, holy hit the Lotto, Batman! Congratulations. I hope your luck continues throughout the pregnancy and longer!