Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well here we are at 7wks 1 day. I guess everything is moving along as it should. Our Little Bumpkin is already grounded upon arrival for making his/her mommy sick and exhausted. I can't decide what's easier to tolerate. The complete exhaustion that plagued me the first few weeks or the rolling waves of nausea that came from nowhere last week. The thing about the nausea is that it isn't constant. And I am learning to keep some form of food in my stomach which seems to keep it at bay.
My true first doctor appointment isn't until August the 10. They did get me in the day after our first BFP to do their own test and sent me to the lab for blood work. That was pretty uneventful. I really have no idea what happens on the 10th. I know we have to go over financial stuff and I have to be there 30 minutes early for that. I am sure we will hear a heartbeat that day as well. I called earlier this week to see if we would have an ultrasound that day. V would like to be there for that. The receptionist told me that they don't do US in their office, they send patients out for that. Well, WTF? Is this standard? It took me by surprise. We do have a "friend of a friend" who apparently can do an US for us anytime we would like.
We have told all of our bosses and coworkers as well as most of our family about our pregnancy. I have not yet told my father or grandparents. My plan is to tell them before this first trimester is up. I am not really concerned whether my father likes it or not. I just fear that if he doesn't like our news he will take it upon himself to inform my grandparents before I am ready. (which is what he did with my brother)I believe that my grandparents will be happy and accepting of our pregnancy, but there is a teeny, tiny bit of doubt that is holding me back. They mean the world to me and I don't want to deal with their disappointment or rejection.
We have also decided to start researching caregivers as early as possible. I will have to go back to work unfortunately. I feel like I need the adult and work environment stimulation anyway but it would be nice the have the option. We would like to find an in home daycare close to our home so we can limit drive time and pop in at lunch, as both of us come home for the lunch hour. We have a few numbers to call. I am a bit anxious about finding a caregiver who is friendly towards same sex families. Maybe I should have a little more faith? We will see how it goes.
We have started taking belly pics. First time we see evidence of a bump I will post. But not until then! They are horrible!

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