Monday, August 10, 2009

First prenatal

Today was my first prenatal appointment. Wednesday of this week we will be 10 weeks along. The best part about the appointment was hearing the heartbeat! It makes this pregnancy thing feel real. Other than feeling like complete crap I wouldn't know there was anything going on there. My doctor and her staff are super nice. I will see some of the other doctors for prenatals just incase my doctor isn't there for delivery I suppose. That would be a bummer, but in the grand scheme of things maybe not a big deal. Morning sickness has hit hard in the last three weeks. It is actually all day sickness. I seem to beable to control it as long as I have food every couple of hours but its not foolproof. No cravings yet, but I assume those will come along next trimester when the nausea goes away. I have been trying to keep up with exercise. I have done a strength and conditioning class 2 days a week for over a year now and it has gotten so tough! Prior to becoming pregnant I was running a couple of miles a day but not consistently-maybe a couple times a week at the most. I have ran 2 times since BFP. Maybe this is something else that will turn around in the 2nd trimester. I am not sure I care. I will just do the best I can and hopefully resume my prior level of fitness post pregnancy.

So overall everything is going smooth and as expected. Oh-we purchased baby bed and dresser. We will post pictures once everything is put together.

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  1. I went yesterday and they changed my due date to March 12 so now I am only 9 weeks 4 days. 5 days different. They didnt do a heart beat on the doppler but they did an ultrasound so I could see the heartbeat. Interesting.. Congrats... :)