Monday, August 10, 2009

As you read in the last blog C got to hear the heart beat today. I am very bummed I didnt get to go. I work in a dental office and I already had the day booked so I didnt take the time off. I already blocked out the time for the next visit so I can hear the heart beat too. C finally told her side of the family and they all took it well. Her Grandma and Grandpa live about 25 minutes away and they decided to move back to LS so they can be close to thier great grandbabies. So last weekend we looked at a few houses with them. They have it narrowed down to two places, I think they are going to put thier bid in on Thursday. They are so sweet I love them like my own. C's Dad was also excited he made her go right over to her other Grandma.

We also found a baby sitter just two blocks down from us. She is only going to take 3or 4 kids. She has been helping out with a neighbor watching kids and now she wants to start her own. She is 49 and her kids have graduated and she said she didnt want to look for a job in these crazy times and she enjoyed wathching kids now that hers are gone. I like that her kids are not young that way ours will get the same treatment, no favorites. We told her we were a same sex couple and she said she didnt care about that. So we are very happy. She said she walks by our house at seven everyday with her husband. So one day C and I pretended to be doing stuff in the yard right around seven so we could meet her. They seem to be very nice.


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