Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adoption update

We saw our 2nd parent adoption lawyer on Thursday evening. He is a very friendly and respectable person. I am glad he will be handling this for us. We will not attempt any of the adoption process until mid January. This is because a new judge will be in town and no one knows who they are and how sympathetic they will be to our cause. In 5 years the firm has handled 60-70 cases, all of which have been succesful. Not easy, but succesful.He is aware of another firm or two in our area who have handled a handful of cases. I definitley feel confident with this group. The same morning of the day we saw him he had a succesfull case with the women and their girls who referred us. We were initially troubled by the expense which in the grand scheme of things is not a lot. But our savings is fresh and this will deplete it, so we start over again, this time with a baby and no emergency funds. Good news is we can file for the federal adoption tax credit. We will get every penny back. You see, the tax credit is not meant for those who are adopting their spouses children. Our state does not recognize our Iowa marriage. So. Score for us!

This is week 13 day 3 and I have only thrown up once in 7 days. Nausea has been mild since Monday. And I made both of my strength and conditioning workouts this week. Could it be the renewed energy of the 2nd trimester has arrived? I am not convinced yet-as I sit at the computer and look out at this perfect Saturday morning I am not even close to feeling like a nice walk outside. But soon enough...Or perhaps I have just gotten used to the 1st trimester laziness. I have been weighing everyday and somehow 6 pounds crept up on my scale in a week. It happened to be the week I was feeling the worst and threw up the most. How does that happen? If I were to keep that kind of weight gain up throughout the rest of pregnancy I would gain over 150 pounds. I don't think that is realistic but still a very scary thought.

This Wednesday will be week 14 and also my next OB appointment. V gets to go this time and will hear the heartbeat. She was very disappointed that she didn't get to go and hear it last time. So happy she gets to go this time.

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