Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthing class canceled due to snow

Well today was supposed to be our first birthing class. I was so excited about it because I feel like this is the part where I can be involved and it got canceled due to the weather. Since Christmas we have been blasted with snow. This is the most snow I have ever seen in this area. The people who live in Colorado would probably laugh at our snow amount. Its kind of funny because the schools close down because the snow and the below 0 temperature but what do they do in Colorado or anywhere else up north? Nobody would ever have to go to school. I guess their cities are more prepared to handle it. I feel like I am shoveling everyday I even have to shovel the back yard so the dogs can go potty. Kinser our Lhasa had a rough Monday he actually got his tongue stuck to the metal plate that goes across the bottom of the door and C had to get warm water to get it off. I guess he was pulling so hard trying to get it off she thought he was going to pull it off before she got back with the water. Blood was everywhere poor guy. His feet get cold too so he walks all funny and we have to put the babies socks on him. I guess we better put socks on our registry.

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