Saturday, January 2, 2010

so bad at posting

Well Christmas and New Years has came and went. Now we can start focusing on what we are going to have to do before this baby gets here. We have 68 days until our due date but they say only five percent come on the due date. I hope we have our little bumpkin before and not after. I cant imagine what it will be like if we have to wait any longer. It would also mess up the time I requested off of work. We are going over to my moms tonight to start making the invitation list for the shower. We thought it would just be a small shower but C and I both have people asking us to send them an invite. I thought people hated going to these things so we were just going to invite mostly family but I was surprise at how many people want to come not even knowing us that well. We also start our first birthing class this Thursday. It always makes me nervous to go somewhere and not know if that one person that hates "gays" is going to be there to ruin our special time. I haven't ran across any but I know they are out there and I hope I can be strong and ignore them if and when it happens. Happy 2010!

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