Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birth Story (Finally)

With my princess sleeping by my side rather than in my arms I finaly have a moment to type the birth story. I have always been a person of few words and this will be no different. I am not leaving anything out. It was just a relatively easy delivery.

On Thursday, March 11th I was shopping for work. As I was cruising the aisles of a local (plant) nursery I felt a trickle of fluid and knew for sure I had not peed my pants. Well, I was 95% sure. I made my purchases and headed out to my car. Once I sat I felt a small gush and was then 100% sure I had not peed my pants. I called V, told her she might want to wrap things up at work for the day as we would be heading to the hospital that afternoon. Then I made my way back to work, dropped off my purchases and announced that my water had broke. Once I made my rounds around the building, said my goodbyes and received well wishes from my coworkers I was off. I called the labor and delivery unit at our hospital. The nurse told me to walk around for awhile to see what happened. V and I had lunch, walked, and made arrangements for our 4 legged babies to be cared for. I spoke with my OB's nurse who instructed us to head to the hospital.

Once at the hospital they determined that yes, indeed my water had broken and induced labor. I had said all along that I wanted to try out the contractions, maybe go without the epidural. Well, once the contractions started rolling in one after the other I realized I am a girl who needs an epidural. I did try IV meds which were supposed to take the edge off. Ha! So I got the epidural around 8:30pm and promptly fell asleep untill it was time to push a few hours later. After around 10 rounds of pushing (about 45 minutes) our little girl was born 1:06 am on March the 12th. We left Saturday evening, the 2 proudest mommies.

Pictures to come!

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  1. sounds like your birth story was a nice experience. Did they have you try Sta.dol? I did not like that iv drug.. made me hallucinate and I still felt all the pain. would love to see pics.. email me @ and Ill send you pics of our little man.. So cute they chare the same birthday.. your princess is older by a few hours though!!!!