Friday, April 16, 2010

Our sweet little girl even when she is crying she is too cute!


  1. Hey, she is gorgeous! Can you email me @ I have a question I would like to ask but don't feel comfortable asking it here.

    So the red hair, your family or the other side?

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comments to my blog! I'm so happy to have discovered your blog, I'll be adding you to my blogroll so I can follow your journey, too!

    You asked about fenugreek. I took it and within 2-3 days my supply doubled..then tripled! There were some side effects, though. I dont think I experienced allergies, but I did get god-awful, jump-off-the-sofa gas pain and eventually diarrhea. Baby also started gettig terrible gas pains, so I stopped taking it. My supply is still good, and if it decreases, my lactation consultant said Shatavari is pretty much just as effective, and doesnt have the side effects. I was bummed because i had to throw out 30oz of pumped 'liquid gold' since i'd been taking fenugreek at the time. only about 20% of women have that intestinal side effect, so it's definitely worth trying it out.

    good luck!