Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Iowa Wedding

On Thursday April the 30th we traveled to Burlington Iowa to get married on our anniversary. It was a five hour drive from KC and we had to do it in one day because of the pets. Everything went really well. The weather was supposed to be bad but it ended up being very nice. We had our ceremony at mosquito park that over looked the Mississippi river. The town was very neat, it had all the old houses that C and I love. We stopped at the fire station to see if they could tell us where the best place to eat was and while we were there he asked us if we would like to come in and see their museum they had, so we took a little tour. After that we went to the Drake- the restaurant he suggested. And there we were told another story about how life was before the white man ever got there. The Indians would come to that spot to get the stones and weapons they needed to fight with but they made a deal that no one would kill while they were on that ground. We ate our lunch/dinner and headed home, another five hour drive. We didn't have much time to celebrate but we did order a special cake and ate at our favorite restaurant on Friday.

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