Thursday, March 5, 2009


I don't know where to begin. That is the primary reason I have put off creating a blog. I am an avid reader but I don't know what to write. Besides that, after weeks of deliberation, my partner, wife, spouse, soul mate, love of my life hereto for "V" have no clue what to title our blog. Something witty. Something wise. Something us. What did we come up with? Nada. Why Little Baby Bumpkin you ask? That seems to be the term of endearment we have given our hope. The little one we hope to conceive in 4 short months. And this blog we are creating is all about, or mostly about him/her. Little Baby Bumpkin.

Before I carry on about babies and conception and such, I must confess. I have been lurking for awhile. A real long time as a matter of fact. So today I am delurking. I started reading your blogs after our friends, T & R over at a story of two moms invited us to read their blog. We love these girls. We met them and were lucky enough to spend a short week in the Dominican Republic with them almost two years ago. We are very excited about their TTC process and keep tabs on it by reading their blog. So please forgive me. No more lurking.

Onto babies.
I don't remember dreaming of babies as a child or young adult. Early retirement. Lots of travel. Living a comfortable life with my lady. That's what I wanted. January of 2008 my brother and his wife made an announcement. They were expecting. This was a shock. We didn't expect them to have any children. My brother has a genetic condition that made him wary of having children. My sister in law was told she could not conceive. Despite it all, shock turned into excitement. V and I were off every weekend, shopping for all things baby. Anything we thought we would need for babysitting. Anything we thought would be helpful to my brother and his family. Somewhere in the ensuing months focus shifted from their baby to our baby. "Why don't we have a baby?" she asked. August came along and brought us T. My new nephew. The sweetest, cutest baby boy I have ever known. When he finally arrived our desire to have our own baby grew even more. The past few weeks things have just fallen into place for us. We are a little more financially stable. We have a known donor who is very happy to help us. He will be a wonderful presence in our child's life. Our relationship is happy, solid, stable. We have a great family and work support system. We just feel that this is the right time. I honestly don't know how V came up with the month of July to begin insemination. But July it is. We will begin with at home insemination's. 2 per cycle. We haven't discussed what the next step will be if we we aren't successful at home. If we are lucky we won't have to worry about it. I read an article on line recently. It stated that women in their early 30's take an average of nine cycles to conceive. 6 cycles for those in their late 20's. I am afraid that, despite being armed with that information I will still become quite frustrated if we aren't successful in the first attempts.

So here it is. My first blog. Sorry again for lurking. I feel that I have gotten a lot of valuable information by reading your blogs. I am excited about making connections with other lesbian moms.

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