Thursday, March 26, 2009

So many things to chart!

We are wanting to chart as many things as we can so last weekend we went by a shop that had the ferning scopes and they said they were all out. So today after dinner we decided to go by the store and pick up a box of the OPKs. We decided that maybe we should go by Hobby Lobby and see if they might have a micro scope we could use for the ferning. We found one and extra slides too. We hauled it all over the store and then decided to put it back because 1. I'm not sure if it would have worked as well as the ferning scope and 2. I was wanting to look at our drinking water and see what would show up and I decided that might not be a good idea since the only thing I like to drink is water and coffee. I don't like to drink water out of the bottle either because of the waste so I guess I would of died of thirst and I would like to be here for the birth of our baby. So we put it away. If anyone knows where we can pick one up please let us know.


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